27 Jul

Sanda is a Chinese self-defense system and combat sport, a system of unarmed combat that was designed by Chinese Elite Forces based upon their intense study of traditional martial arts. A modern hand-to-hand fighting and combat philosophy to develop a realistic system of unarmed fighting for the Chinese military.  

This form of martial art employs all parts of the body as anatomical weapons to attack and counter with, by using what the Chinese consider to be the four basic martial arts 토토 techniques. DA is the upper-body striking using fists, open hands, fingers, elbows, shoulders, forearms and the head. TI is the lower-body striking including kicks, knees and stomping. SHUAI is the Throws using wrestling, and Judo-like takedowns and sweeps. Lastly is the CHIN-NA which is the seizing includes joint locks, strangulation and other submissions.

Sanda matches are fought on a raised platform called the "Lei Tai". Historically, the Lei Tai dates back centuries in China where challenge matches were fought both bare handed and also with weapons with no rules often resulting in death or serious injury. The fights were so brutal that the final 12 contestants were not permitted to fight for fear of killing off some of the great masters of the time. So changes were needed. Modern Sanda developed into a sport during the 1960s by the Chinese Government. Protective equipment was also added to further reduce the risk of serious injury.  

Sanda does borrow from various types of boxing, but can also be comparable to Muay Thai too. That is because it also utilizes elbows and knees. It also has a big part dedicated to catching kicks and flooring opponents from catching their feet and legs, also has more options and isn’t just pure striking either. There are a couple of other rules which are commonly followed. These are that practitioners wear headgear and chest gear as well as boxing gloves. Sanda helps practitioners develop physical fitness, endurance, combativeness, flexibility, fluidity, power and agility. It is not only improves physical qualities, but also develops an individual’s health both physically and mentally. Sticking to the training makes the body strong and strengthens bones and muscles.

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