08 May

Cricket is a fun, social game to play, that’s easy to learn and can be enjoyed by kids as young as 5 years old. Cricket is  also include in most schools as part of their physical education curriculum. As a fun to play and same as the other sports, let us know the rules and regulation of this great game. Although there are many more rules in cricket than in many other sports, it is well worth your time learning them as it is a most rewarding sport.

A game must have two umpires stood at either end 토토 of the wicket. The umpires then must count the number of balls in the over, make decisions on whether the batsmen is out after an appeal and also check that the bowler has bowled a legal delivery. Each match shall be played between two teams composed of eleven players. A match consists of a maximum of 14 overs bowled by each side. A team shall not be permitted to declare it's innings closed. 

Games comprise of at least one innings where each team will take turns in batting and fielding/bowling. The fielding team will have a bowler bowl the ball to the batsman who tries to hit the ball with their bat and must get 10 batsmen out before they can change over and start batting.


Cricket pitches are grassy rectangular fields in accordance with simple cricket rules. The range of a county floor is approximately 200 meters. The wicket is a narrow rectangle always located in the center of the pitch. There must be two sets of wickets consisting of three stumps with bails at either end. The cricket ball is in fact made of cork. Teams use red color for test cricket rules games and white for one day games. Cricket bats are most often made from wood.

The player positions include batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and wicket keepers. But, the rules and regulations of cricket allow the players to take up any role they wish. The BATSMEN carry their bats with them as they run and use them to touch the ground marking their progress. It is noteworthy that they do not have to run. Also the Batsmen usually wear padded clothing. It includes gloves, leg and thigh guards, a box, inner thigh guards, a helmet, a chest guard, and wear spiked shoes. 

The rules of cricket state that the only one that can use pads and gloves can be the wicket keeper. At the opposite end of the bowler the wicket keeper sits behind the stumps and is ready for the ball. The Batter is stripped of the game if the ball hits the stumps of the batsman after the bowling, or if a fielding team hits the ball after the batsman plays it. Read more...

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